Monday, November 21, 2011

Chase Buch

After playing records for over ten years and starting his first original productions over 6 years ago, Chase Buch is making some waves with a smooth deep house feel. Very lounge very fun, super smooth. Keep and ear to the ground because there is definitely more to come through the low frequencies from London.

Pleasurekraft - Carny (Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti Remix) by chasebuch

Chase Buch - Little Things by chasebuch

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Derived from Guyanese folklore, Massacooraman is a 'huge, hairy, man-like creature that lives in rivers in the interior of Guyana. The massacooramaan allegedly capsizes small boats and eats the occupants.' Maybe Quam's intention is to immerse you in his unique sound, and captivate your interest?

Massacooraman, aka Dave Quam, is definitely one of the more difficult artists to find anything about. He is a Chicago-based writer, photographer, and DJ, and is successfully running a well-known blog called It's After The End of the World. This blog seems to provide his personal interests which explores music that has not become well-recognized, and that which is difficult to come across. Take a listen for yourself and see what he can do for you.

DJ Junior - Trick & Track (Massacooramaan Tarraxo Edit) by dave quam

Massacooramaan - Dachi Di Perreo Edit by dave quam

Massacooramaan - I'm OK With the Knife (unmastered) by dave quam

Sunday, November 6, 2011


"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."

With the falling of an hour, it seems as though it has brought about change; undoubtedly the weather, and along with it, the futile attitudes of many people. Each morning has been getting darker, as the delayed sunlight seems to be depriving our motivation to begin our day with ease. Unfortunately, this presents an inconvenience to our productivity, as it casts a pervasive dullness to those around us. Do away with this pessimism, and bask in the endless possibilities of your day.

Consider this thought; Positive anything is better than negative nothing. Everyone has the opportunity to be as great as they please, so SMILE. Accept every obstacle that introduces itself, and remember that the future doesn't matter. It comes one day at a time, so it should not be a destination, more so a means of travel, and experience. Be conscious of your well-being and don't be conditioned by circumstance, let YOU condition it.


Life is much to short to entertain unhappiness.
Conform to the things that make you happy, and treat yourself lavishly.

And as music always soothes the soul, take a listen to these amazing tunes that correlate well with all these undetermined senses.

Magnetic Man - Flying Into Tokyo (AZEDIA remix) by AZEDIA

Caribou - Sun by radúz

Let's Get Squelchy by Geek Boy

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dark Sky

Tom Edwards, Matt Benyayer and Carlo Anderson, make up the UK based production and DJ unit "Dark Sky". After having met in music college these gentlemen formed what we know as Dark Sky and appeared on the radar after the 12" debut "Dark Acre".
With artist such as Modeslektor and Jamie XX backing and their love of the London electronic scene we are bond to be seeing more from these boys in the future.

Here is the latest and few extras.

Lights Out Words Gone - Bombay Bicycle Club (Dark Sky Remix) by Dark Sky

Neon - (50 WEAPONS014) by Dark Sky

The Lick - (50 WEAPONS014) by Dark Sky

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lake People

Lake People... Not much to say here. They are from Leipzig, Germany, and are rather talented. Lay back, enjoy, and let it wash over you.

lake people - tide edit by lake people

well done, jackson pollock - untitled II (lake people remix) by lake people

Saturday, October 15, 2011

James Harcourt

James Harcourt seems to have a universal reflection of music; touching on minimal, electro-house, techno ... and seemingly always having a distinctive edge. He began his journey in 2001 where he initiated his musical interest, and slowly progressed into the industry. Last year he began to showcase his productions globally, and started gaining popularity all over Europe. With the recent release of his new EP Dankeschön / Bitteschön many favorable reviews have been posted, and hopefully Canada will be able to experience what this British phenomenon has to offer.

James Harcourt - Dankeschön (Preview) by jamesharcourt

Affani - Yuma (James Harcourt Remix) by jamesharcourt

James Harcourt - Bitch Tits by jamesharcourt

Friday, October 14, 2011

.Leeks: Deep Down

Michael Anthony Ball aka Leeks has been turning out some great minimal house since 2006. He was worked in conjunction with, and made releases with a ton of different record labels, most recently with Noise Engine. Here is the latest from a true minimal house producer. He really deserve some recognition.

Leeks - Hacked (Original Mix) by .Leeks

Leeks - im Takt (Original Mix) {Noise Engine} by .Leeks

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She's giving me the look, look

Metronomy is coming to town next week on October 12th. See them at The Electric Owl Social Club for only $15 dollaaaz! Get yours at
Doors at 8pm.

Click on these - you'll like em!

The Look
The Bay (Erol Alkan Extended Rework)
Not Made For Love (Astronomer Remix)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Joe Goddard - Gabriel

Joe Goddard - Gabriel (feat. Valentina)

When Joe Goddard isn't make soulful pop tunes with Hot Chip or giving people "bear hugs" with the 2 Bears, he's making catchy BASS music tunes in the vein of Jamie xx, SBTRKT, Julio Bashmore... etc. Check it out and be warned, this song may be stuck in your head.

Monday, October 3, 2011


The talent on this Brit absolutely blows my mind. His creative genius gives him the ability to mash several totally opposite genre together simultaneously. His wild personality keeps his audience in stitches as he wows them with his impressive talent as a worldclass DJ. Oh yeah, did I mention his shows are 100% improvised?

Beardyman has reigned as UK Beatbox champion twice so far and I'm sure its not the last title he'll claim. With his mad skill as a beatboxer, he's fandangled a way to record the sounds he creates using just 5 effect pads, a keyboard and of course his voice. He's able to warp them, loop them, layer them and produce them all live into a cohesive product that rumbles through the speakers and out into the ears of his awestruck fans.

Watch as he challenges his audience to call out any two genres and any theme they can come up with.

Here's a performance he did in Edinburgh at The Underbelly.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ultrvid: Daylight

So, Ultravid is back at it and are sure to impress. I can't wait to lay down their new track "Daylight" this Friday night. Its deep, dirty and all the good things you'd expect from Ultravid. Just crank the speakers and you'll find out exactly what I mean.


Ultravid - Daylight by Ultravid

Ultravid - Total Recall by Silverback Recordings

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Salade Tomates Oignons

Here's a fun video for your Thursday. Yuksek Remix

Salade Tomates Oignons (Yuksek Remix) from Lionel Hirlé & Grégory Ohrel on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Where to begin. How about with a remix.

01 Led Zeppelin Vs. Gramatik - Stairway To Hip-Hop Heaven by Gramatik

New York's Gramatik has blown up over the past few years. Working with Pretty Lights, he's developed into an accomplished producer with quite the following.

Gramatik - So Much For Love by Gramatik

Gramatik - While I Was Playin' Fair by Gramatik

On his Facebook Page, he posted his entire discography to the torrent site, Thepiratebay, making everything available to his beloved fans. Enjoy.


This is something new to me, but is some of the most innovative, and best sounding music I've heard in 2011. The dubstep/hip-hop genre integrates the flowing beats of a Jay-Z song, mixed with some extremely well produced dub that works way to well to be legal.

All their songs are available for download (all @320kbps) on their soundcloud account, so check out their other stuff, you won't be disappointed.

This song has one of the best drops I've ever head. Ever. Well worth the build up.

Better Than I've Ever Been 320 kbps by GRiZ

Great hip hop remix with a small side up dub.

Aerosmith - Dream On (GRiZ REmix) by GRiZ

A more Jazzy hip hop song with that unique touch and great drop. Enjoy.

Rock N Roll (320 kbps) by GRiZ

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Born Sharooz Raoofi, this Uk based artist made his presence known in the electronic scene in 2006. Once debuting his first single Hell Yeah, he was held in high regard of his talents, and his reputation quickly sky-rocketed. Not only was there interest in his impressive productions, but it was also recognized that Sharooz held complex knowledge of the technical aspects of music production. In 2009, he was featured in Futures Magazine, with a four page feature and two front cover appearances. Undeniably, this was a great means of publicity for him.

Soon after this recognition, and touring extensively throughout Europe, his popularity was made apparent when mainstream DJs, such as David Guetta and Pete Tong, started incorporating his work into their sets. And really, if any production is able to make it into the likes of artists such as these, without disregard, should you follow-up on their interest. The eagerly anticipated remix of Hello has just recently been released, and is just absolutely amazing. If you haven't been introduced to Sharooz before; Welcome.

Lazy Rich, Porter Robinson & Sue Cho - 'Hello' (Sharooz Dub) by Sharooz

Sharooz - Hysteresis (TWR72 Remix) by Sharooz

Peace Treaty - 'Cal State Anthem' (Sharooz Remix) by Sharooz

Friday, August 26, 2011

Interstellar: SPACELIFE

Hailing from Boston, SpaceLife, is a indie electro dance dou comprised of Jeff Melanson and Chris Bolarinh. With an obvious influence from acts like Shook, MoonChild, French Express and Breakbot these two have put together a ton of praise worthy remixes and have just released their debut EP "Sounds of Earth".
Here's a little preview of what's to come.


Moonjuice by SPACE LIFE

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gone and Done It Again: LOL BOYS

I let the music do the talking, but what I will say is that I'm pumped and bubblin'.

LOL Boys - Bubbles by LOL Boys

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Knife Party

Too much awesome in this 23 minute mix for me ever start to explain.

Knife Party, or, who we used to know as Pendulum, has created a new sound for themselves, as well as a new name. It sounds nothing like their past stuff, but they have been keeping busy

But a little about it first. These guys might be from Italy, but this recording was done in Ibiza and aired on BBC 1 Radio (Live).

Their debut EP is coming out this summer, and although we haven't had much of one, this will be sure to put a warm feeling or two in that brain of yours.

What's in it? Electohouse (including an Original) , Moombahton (one of the tracks featuring Skrillex which blew my mind), and some intoxicating Dubstep that won't leave my head.

Knife Party - Unreleased Mix ! by ElectroItalia

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cinnamon Chasers

Turn your attention to a compilation of synthesizers, and drum machines, and indulge in what is embraced by those individuals that have an interest in Italo disco. It was initially introduced in Europe throughout the late 1970's in many European countries such as Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. It comprises much of the dance music output of the 1980's, and is seen to be an initiation of the first form of mostly electronic music. Much of his recognition was brought upon following the release of his hit tune, and video Luv Deluxe.

Cinnamon Chasers, the solo project of Russ Davies, provides music that conforms to a warm heart, and good intentions; not adhering to the pretentious generic mood of dance music. He provides a crisp melodic tone, with a crisp pop sound, and indie feel. Take a few minutes to listen to the Cinnamon Chasers July Mix posted below; its worthy of every minute of your time.

Cinnamon Chasers - Tattoo by LauraInvader

Cinnamon Chasers DJ-MIX (July 2011) -- Night Electric Mix by cinnamonchasers

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Punk Jump Up vs Yes to Another Excess

There has been a ton of new tracks released this summer and I can only get more and more excited. This time around its up to an old favorite, Punks Jump Up, and a new found fixation, Yes to Another Excess, to shake floors and bodies alike.
Here's the latest. Stay tuned for more.
Punks Jump Up - Chimes pt.1 by Punks Jump Up

Punks Jump Up - Chimes Pt.1(Say Yes To Another Excess Remix) by Say Yes To Another Excess

This is what started all this noise for "Yes to Another Excess". I hope it fills the presciption.
The Cave by Say Yes To Another Excess

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sazon Booya

The introduction of Moombahton had only been about a year ago, yet the amount of artists that have made a lasting impression of the genre has been quite impressive. A vast array of artists have made remarks about the appeal of Moombahton, and many have begun to contribute it into their own productions. Maybe it is merely the fact that Moombahton is the trend du jour, but nontheless, it is making a lasting impression upon people in the present. SB has undoubtedly made a footprint in the name of Moombahton. Founded in New York, Mr. Vega, an indie/electro producer from Brooklyn, and Dj Sav joined into a partnership of success. Working with Dave Nada, Sazon debuted their first track Illuvia, which gained them the respect of artists such as Munchi, Skrillex, and Heartbreak.

Just recently their new EP La Bomba had reached #14 on Beatport‘s Top 100 Electro House Releases. With their latin-infused dancehall feel, the New York natives demonstrate their specialty in Moombahton. If you have not yet had the luxury of being introduced to Moombahton, it is the perfect opportunity to become well acquainted.

Be sure to check out their soundcloud ( for more of their music, remixes, and recent releases. Take a peek at a preview of La Bomba and see what this duo has to offer.

With the booty they got shakin' in this video ... they must be doing something right.

One Nil - Congostatic(LOL Boys Remix-Sazon Booya Moombah Edit) by Sazon Booya

height="80" width="100%"> Sazon Booya - La Bomba EP by Sazon Booya

Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Effect aka. De Schuurman

It seems as though the likes of music have slowly been letting go, and giving up on Dutch House. The general populous is slowly dispersing into the rave scene of Chuckie, and Afrojack, who are currently dominating the music scene in the Netherlands. A new name to myself, De Schuurman (Guillermo Schuurman), who is also from the Netherlands, has been seeming to have no restraint in showing the world, that his part in bubbling is one that holds genuine to himself. And honestly, I'm thinking that his music excels the quality of a lot that is produced, and released from the Netherlands. I've been converted from Dutch house; this shit is good.

De Schurmann got a great head start at the age of 17, where his initial exposure was playing in 18+ nightclubs. He distinguished himself from the current dj's at the time, and ever since, the rest has been history. His amazing beats and productions continue to astonish audiences around the world, and his versatility easily differentiates him. It is a must to look into him and his music; phenomenal.

Cracksmurf - Nu ga je Dota (De schuurman & Dj Tuncay Refuck) by Cracksmurf


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beataucue: new releases.

Beataucue is at it again. Here are their two most recent releases. Gems to say the least. Complete with pounding bass and and mind-warping synths that put these guys at the top of their game, and our hearts here in RainCity, when it comes to quality dutch house.

BeatauCue - Falcon Punch by BeatauCue

BeatauCue - Cytise by BeatauCue

BeatauCue - Folder by BeatauCue

Love it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


"Sweat It Out" is the new Ep out from one our favorites around these parts, Wolfie. These two are sure not to disappoint. It almost seems like he's doing it in his sleep. Deep southern jungle inspired house music.

Novi Sad by Wolfie

Niedrige by Wolfie

And a couple more just because...

Cakes - Malente (Edit) by Wolfie

CRANK THE BASS! This is the New Sound!
Hunter (Clip) by Wolfie

Look out for more from this animal.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dillon Francis

Since the release of his "West Side" EP, Dillon Francis has been making a name for himself and setting the pace for Moombahton in North America. With a dutch house sound but slowed to a grind, Dave Nada is recognized as Moombahtons creator, but as all thing great and beautiful seem to, it has taken on a life of its own and is moving faster with each drop.

Slow, low deep and heavy, with bass that will shake what ever you've got. The recent work of L.A. based, MAD Decent, producer Dillon Francis is surefire. I'm happy to say that downtempo is making a valiant effort to "TAKE IT BACK".

Toddla T - Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS

Dillon Francis-Westside! EP Minimix by maddecent

Vaski - Spaceman (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS

Oh and Vancouver, Did I mention Mr. Dillon Francis will be stopping by for a little visit with some home grown talen, Paul Devro, The Expendable Youth, and Genie (Erik Devro) this Saturday night at the Walldorf. Leave us a comment if you need Guestlist.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This teenager from Nantes, France has been taking Nu-disco, house, and Electro-Pop by storm. I haven't been able to find any write-ups on his shows but do they left 16 years old into clubs nowadays? Either way I'll wait three years to see this punk play in Vancouver.
He has, in my eyes, unrivaled talent, especially when it comes anything close the genre he focuses on. He tuned a kind of post Deadmau5 and Wolfgang meets Lifelike feel. It has all the great melodies and harmonies of pop-house and all broken glitch stutters and jolts that modern electro has to offer. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but this kid has got me just as excited as when I first heard "Jutsice - Genesis".

I'll let the tracks do the talking for me. Shuriken is solid gold where as I find the the remix to be a little cluttered but still great work from the likes of Madeon. I can't wait for more.


Madeon - Shuriken by Madeon

Yelle - Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix) by Madeon

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have a listen to this

Xaphoon Jones - The Jackson Pit

Holy jackpot batman!

Cruising around with this blaring is all I want to do right now. It could be that wake me up before you go-go has found a new rival on my playlist. uh oh.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Delorean and RAC

I know this is from months and months ago but the sunshine in the city has got me longing for the beach and everything that goes along with it, both Delorean and RAC are a HUGE part of my beach bag. What's in yours?

Enough said... Here's my early risers tribute to the summer to be. It's almost here.

Delorean - Stay Close (RAC Mix) by RAC

See all you babes and boys on the beach, In the sun and the sand.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Fun

I'm just going to leave these right here....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sam Demoe

Vancouver's own has just set foot in the right direction; there is no doubt in anybody's mind that this gentleman is on a path to his dreams. Beginning in the limelight in Gastown's Shine Night Club, he had no difficulties in getting those beautiful ladies out on the dancefloor, and extending an invite to the best night of their weekend. Hip hop, R&B, a little bit of disco tunes, and fabulous sounds of indie were what were offered, and never rejected by his following. His commitment, and dedication to the industry has offered a chance for great opportunity. Recently collaborating with Vancouver's largest promotions establishment, Blueprint Events, he has not only been showcasing his talent for graphic design, but commencing a new start for his career. His sound has become unfallible, and is one to keep your ears open for...


Sam Demoe - Mansion

SAM DEMOE - SEA2SKY:1 by Sam Demoe

SAM DEMOE - SEA2SKY:2 by Sam Demoe

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Holy Ghost!

The Disco Duo from Brooklyn, N.Y. have put together a Mix for
Annie Mac.
To celebrate such a joyous event, ive decided to share the Mini mix for all you fast-paced blog-surfers... check back & we may just have the full mix.
So to put this into perspective for that who don't know the UK Radio show, these 5 min DJ Set are the standard for profiling the best producers/ DJ's from around the world.

Holy ghost by RainCity

Get Familiar!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mord Fustang

I was struck by some talent from Estonia early this morning that captured my attention ( at 7am thats pretty hard), so why not spread the love?

This first track was released two weeks ago has earned a lot of respect since they've exploded from the generic pool about a month ago. The full song is available for download on BeatPort.

Super Meat Freeze by Mord Fustang

The Electric Dream by Mord Fustang

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dada Life Bananorama!

These very strange videos somehow accompany the hard hitting tunes of Dada Life's works. If you can make ANY sense of them please comment and reveal the secret(s). Don't watch if you fear Bananas.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Wolfie... I know nothing about Him/Her/Them but I really like it. what else can you ask for. I could rattle of a bunch genre and semi apply to them or ramble on with mindless drivel, but not this time. Its good its great it will make you want to dance. Give it a listen and tell all your pals. Wolfie is here, definitely here stay at RainCity.


Moretto by Wolfie

Freddy (Wolfie Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Wolfie

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moths: Soft and Slow

Heres to a little break from all the ear splitting and mind numbing we do around here. A couple great airy and phycadelic tracks that I found floating out in the void. Enjoy a very informal introduction to MOTHS
They have cut down M83 feel, but lighter and definitely more dance floor inspired. So far I like what I hear and I can't wait to hear more from Irish time to come.

Passion Pit - Little Secrets (Moths Remix) by MOTHS

<3 by MOTHS

blisters by MOTHS

Monday, February 21, 2011


Belgium's Highbloo has been a music fanatic since his childhood, and has been consistently producing a gracious amount of fine music. He attained the inspiration to commit to music soon after seeing Popof in 2008. His dirty dutch, minimal feel has every positive effect, some of the most appreciated music for myself. His recent EP Time To Change, is truly magnificent. It contains two separate tracks; Track One consists of some hypnotic bangers, whilst Track Two has a bit of a disco/house feel.

Last year he had played at many big festivals around the world, and has attracted many quality artists such as the Crookers, Brodinski, as well as remixing with UK star Will Bailey (Simma Records). Ears are peeled; hoping a pass through Vancouver is in the near future.

Highbloo - My Orkestar

Jaimie Fanatic - Losing Control (Highbloo Remix)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Com Truise: Groundhog Day Celebrations!

Woweee, that shadow cannot be unseen and the likes of Com Truise will never been unheard. It feels so great to be finding such quality in the first months of 2011.

Com Truise has a retro-meets outer space feel for his synth with some unreal detuned bits and alarms etc. I'm unsure of everything I'm which makes it even more likable. Based out of Princeton New Jersey Com Truise produces, "Lo-Fi, Mid-Fi, and Sci-Fi", "Synth-Wave, Slow-Motion Funk" He also goes my the Aliases SYSTM, Airliner, and Sarin Sunday.
"Its not about its about the music" and I need more.

Futureworld (WIP) by Com Truise

Colorvision (WIP) by Com Truise

Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist (Com Truise 'Disorder' Remix) by Com Truise

Be sure to keep an ear to the speaker for his Albums/Eps Space Dust, Cyanide Sisters and Pyragony / Tripyra.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dubbel Dutch

From the South, down in Austin, the sounds of Dubbel Dutch's grungy house has travelled it's distance, where it sits comfortably in my ears; replaying... and replaying... and replaying... Marc Glasser, originally from NY, has been well on his way to becoming a successful producer, starting in his early high school years. Since his Trollsta EP sky-rocketed, he has been doing nothing less that showing his excellency within the music industry. His sounds cover immense territory, ranging from a start of jungle beats, which diminishes into classic rave, which smoothly integrates into some old school house. Definitely one of the most exciting producers for me at this point in time. The time will soon be coming when others will be challenging him to the dance floor.

Checking out Dubbel Dutch Dubplates mix is a MUST
DUBBEL DUTCH DUBPLATES MIX 2011 by dubbeldutch

Got It Right Here (Dubbel Dutch Remix) by Palms Out Sounds

Manges (Dubbel Dutch Remix) by Palms Out Sounds

Purity Ring

Purity Rings is the new side project from the experimental electro pop group Gobble Gobble.
The first track off the album is a kinda a tweaked and twisted version of flight facilities or Fever Ray, with a some great glitchy cuts and bass loop that keeps things progressing nicely.

Definitely one of my favorite tracks in the last while and I can't want to hear more from the likes of Purity Ring.

Ungirthed by PURITY RING

Little Bonus Remix from RemakeReverb:
Purity Ring - Ungirthed(remakereverb remix) by remakereverb
It Just sounds like a heavy reverb has been added to the entire track but i really like it...

Hats off, good stuff.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Vaughn Oliver, otherwise known as U-Tern, Has been putting together some new tunes with the help of some LA studios under the name of "OLIVER". Give it a listen and looking out for up comings show at both His n' Hers and Ginger 62 and super Deluxe at Shine in Gas Town.

Our favorite here at RainCity
Oliver - All Night by U-Tern

And Couple extras.
Chromeo - Hot Mess (Oliver Remix) by U-Tern

Oliver - All Night (Pat Lok Dub) MASTERED by patlok
Come check out Pat and Hunter-Even along side The Twelves and Go Go Bizkit at 560.

Hats off both Oliver and Pat helping to lead the way on the Vancouver Nu-Disco Filter House and Indie Dance front.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shinichi Osawa

This guy is a Japanese Producer and DJ that is captivating the North American scene with the help of DIM MAK. His sound is comparable to Van She Tech has an indescribable electro punk-disco feel that sounds great.

Here's an original favorite of mine and Hunter's, remixed by Mr. Osawa. He did a great job and is one of my favorite remixes of all time.

Not the usual DIM MAK flava flave, which I like to see. I really like the Japanese Popstars Remix of this song as well, preview and DL link provided @320!

Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar by Atómica

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Video Sunday

Hey party people, hope you had some great holiday fun filled with fun and hangovers, but today we've got something a little different. Browsing the "classics" playlist and started looking up some videos of these old timers and thought they were worth a share. Enjoy.

dj mehdi - signatune (thomas bangalter remix) from EL NINO on Vimeo.

This gets the wheels turning with some Mehdi remixed by Bangalter, and also, if you haven't seen Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up, its another UK throwback with some great shots and a good twist in the end. I had to watch it twice.