Sunday, November 6, 2011


"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."

With the falling of an hour, it seems as though it has brought about change; undoubtedly the weather, and along with it, the futile attitudes of many people. Each morning has been getting darker, as the delayed sunlight seems to be depriving our motivation to begin our day with ease. Unfortunately, this presents an inconvenience to our productivity, as it casts a pervasive dullness to those around us. Do away with this pessimism, and bask in the endless possibilities of your day.

Consider this thought; Positive anything is better than negative nothing. Everyone has the opportunity to be as great as they please, so SMILE. Accept every obstacle that introduces itself, and remember that the future doesn't matter. It comes one day at a time, so it should not be a destination, more so a means of travel, and experience. Be conscious of your well-being and don't be conditioned by circumstance, let YOU condition it.


Life is much to short to entertain unhappiness.
Conform to the things that make you happy, and treat yourself lavishly.

And as music always soothes the soul, take a listen to these amazing tunes that correlate well with all these undetermined senses.

Magnetic Man - Flying Into Tokyo (AZEDIA remix) by AZEDIA

Caribou - Sun by radúz

Let's Get Squelchy by Geek Boy

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