Monday, June 28, 2010

UltraVid... Need I Say More.

Ultravid - Clan of Wow by Ultravid

This is definaiely an act to look out for. Based out of Ghent Belgium Ultravid has been putting together some top quality originals and not to mention some unreal remixes. Look out for these up a comers. I'm sure there will be a noticeable splash. Out now with a New EP, "Clan of Wow" it has brought together a sense of tropical bass and queazy synths.
Here are some of the tracks that i just can't help but listen to twice or sometimes just on repeat.

Ultravid - Total Recall by Silverback Recordings

Remix Bonus:
Kenton Slash Demon - Khattabi (Ultravid remix) by Ultravid

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The dutch house scene has introduced itself to Vancouver. The genre is in his hands, molding to his every liking, and taking the populous along with him. Along with the average, big house djs are playing his tracks worldwide, and hopefully is only the beginning of a long journey for him. He's made many proud, and regardless of your dancing skills.... he will get you up on your feet. This is one of those artists that have nothing to hide, and shows everything that they're able, and when it's done Afrojack's way, there is no shame for anyone. Take a peek at some of his profound work, and I'm sure you will find it hard to oppose the Swedish House Mafia's interest in what he does.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Having a late return from Sasquatch last weekend, and strenuously moving into a new home, I've really felt the need for embracing each, and every relaxing moment that I am able to conjure. Whether it be a movie, sitting on my cat-torn leather sofa, or everybody's favourite... listening to some great music.

From Barcelona, Delorean has stolen my emotions this week. Their fruitful wave of glo-fi / hypnagonic pop has a means of attacking your heart, and leaving you satisfyingly limp. There is no doubt that their tunes are perfectly summery, and can create a great soundtrack for the beach. As a clear depiction, I think this is where every listener feels at home for those few minutes.

"Seasun" is fierce. It builds slowly and explodes in all the right places. Despite generally being a verse-chorus electro pop band, they don't necessarily follow-up with vocals all that much. In comparison, I suppose their sound could be associated with Cut-Copy, and can definitely be amended for their smooth remixing, as oppose to heavy bass, and that shitty trancy tiesto bs.

Take a listen to some of Delorean's geniously put together originals, and remixes. Their visit to the Biltmore in Vancouver on June 7, has my senses on their tip-toes, and I am declared ready to partake in an enjoyable evening.
Enjoy pals.

Delorean - Real Love (Tiedye Remix)

Delorean - Warmer Places

Delorean - Deli

Delorean - Stay Close (Banana Clipz Remix)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Straight Outta Belgium

Ready to start your weekend off with a bang? Celebrities' Stereotype Fridays is hosting Aeroplane. These guys are a dynamic disco duo from Belgium who have remixed some of our favourites such as: The Friendly Fires and MGMT. They've also got a fair arsenal of their own original tracks to check out.

Hunter has guest list so hit him up on the RainCity page on Facebook or you can email me directly at

We're gonna be there rippin' the dancefloor and hope you'll join us for a phenomenal show!

Here's a couple tracks, enjoy!

Aeroplane-We Can't Fly by Ryan-13

Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Aeroplane Remix) by Ryan-13

Devils Eyes.

Looking for something fresh for your sunday funday? The remix master, Drop the lime aka Curses! (T&B/NYC) this sunday at YOUNDBLOOD. Drop the lime killed it last time he stopped by Vancity.This is not a show to miss. We have some tickets floating around and mabe a comp or two. Whiskey on ice anyone?