Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Effect aka. De Schuurman

It seems as though the likes of music have slowly been letting go, and giving up on Dutch House. The general populous is slowly dispersing into the rave scene of Chuckie, and Afrojack, who are currently dominating the music scene in the Netherlands. A new name to myself, De Schuurman (Guillermo Schuurman), who is also from the Netherlands, has been seeming to have no restraint in showing the world, that his part in bubbling is one that holds genuine to himself. And honestly, I'm thinking that his music excels the quality of a lot that is produced, and released from the Netherlands. I've been converted from Dutch house; this shit is good.

De Schurmann got a great head start at the age of 17, where his initial exposure was playing in 18+ nightclubs. He distinguished himself from the current dj's at the time, and ever since, the rest has been history. His amazing beats and productions continue to astonish audiences around the world, and his versatility easily differentiates him. It is a must to look into him and his music; phenomenal.

Cracksmurf - Nu ga je Dota (De schuurman & Dj Tuncay Refuck) by Cracksmurf


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