Saturday, August 27, 2011


Born Sharooz Raoofi, this Uk based artist made his presence known in the electronic scene in 2006. Once debuting his first single Hell Yeah, he was held in high regard of his talents, and his reputation quickly sky-rocketed. Not only was there interest in his impressive productions, but it was also recognized that Sharooz held complex knowledge of the technical aspects of music production. In 2009, he was featured in Futures Magazine, with a four page feature and two front cover appearances. Undeniably, this was a great means of publicity for him.

Soon after this recognition, and touring extensively throughout Europe, his popularity was made apparent when mainstream DJs, such as David Guetta and Pete Tong, started incorporating his work into their sets. And really, if any production is able to make it into the likes of artists such as these, without disregard, should you follow-up on their interest. The eagerly anticipated remix of Hello has just recently been released, and is just absolutely amazing. If you haven't been introduced to Sharooz before; Welcome.

Lazy Rich, Porter Robinson & Sue Cho - 'Hello' (Sharooz Dub) by Sharooz

Sharooz - Hysteresis (TWR72 Remix) by Sharooz

Peace Treaty - 'Cal State Anthem' (Sharooz Remix) by Sharooz

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