Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dubbel Dutch

From the South, down in Austin, the sounds of Dubbel Dutch's grungy house has travelled it's distance, where it sits comfortably in my ears; replaying... and replaying... and replaying... Marc Glasser, originally from NY, has been well on his way to becoming a successful producer, starting in his early high school years. Since his Trollsta EP sky-rocketed, he has been doing nothing less that showing his excellency within the music industry. His sounds cover immense territory, ranging from a start of jungle beats, which diminishes into classic rave, which smoothly integrates into some old school house. Definitely one of the most exciting producers for me at this point in time. The time will soon be coming when others will be challenging him to the dance floor.

Checking out Dubbel Dutch Dubplates mix is a MUST
DUBBEL DUTCH DUBPLATES MIX 2011 by dubbeldutch

Got It Right Here (Dubbel Dutch Remix) by Palms Out Sounds

Manges (Dubbel Dutch Remix) by Palms Out Sounds

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