Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sazon Booya

The introduction of Moombahton had only been about a year ago, yet the amount of artists that have made a lasting impression of the genre has been quite impressive. A vast array of artists have made remarks about the appeal of Moombahton, and many have begun to contribute it into their own productions. Maybe it is merely the fact that Moombahton is the trend du jour, but nontheless, it is making a lasting impression upon people in the present. SB has undoubtedly made a footprint in the name of Moombahton. Founded in New York, Mr. Vega, an indie/electro producer from Brooklyn, and Dj Sav joined into a partnership of success. Working with Dave Nada, Sazon debuted their first track Illuvia, which gained them the respect of artists such as Munchi, Skrillex, and Heartbreak.

Just recently their new EP La Bomba had reached #14 on Beatport‘s Top 100 Electro House Releases. With their latin-infused dancehall feel, the New York natives demonstrate their specialty in Moombahton. If you have not yet had the luxury of being introduced to Moombahton, it is the perfect opportunity to become well acquainted.

Be sure to check out their soundcloud ( for more of their music, remixes, and recent releases. Take a peek at a preview of La Bomba and see what this duo has to offer.

With the booty they got shakin' in this video ... they must be doing something right.

One Nil - Congostatic(LOL Boys Remix-Sazon Booya Moombah Edit) by Sazon Booya

height="80" width="100%"> Sazon Booya - La Bomba EP by Sazon Booya

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