Monday, October 3, 2011


The talent on this Brit absolutely blows my mind. His creative genius gives him the ability to mash several totally opposite genre together simultaneously. His wild personality keeps his audience in stitches as he wows them with his impressive talent as a worldclass DJ. Oh yeah, did I mention his shows are 100% improvised?

Beardyman has reigned as UK Beatbox champion twice so far and I'm sure its not the last title he'll claim. With his mad skill as a beatboxer, he's fandangled a way to record the sounds he creates using just 5 effect pads, a keyboard and of course his voice. He's able to warp them, loop them, layer them and produce them all live into a cohesive product that rumbles through the speakers and out into the ears of his awestruck fans.

Watch as he challenges his audience to call out any two genres and any theme they can come up with.

Here's a performance he did in Edinburgh at The Underbelly.

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