Saturday, July 17, 2010

Die. Die. Die.


"...pumped into one wild and crazy journey down the crooked path to enlightenment." I couldn't have said it better myself. They were in Vancouver a couple nights ago, and my goodness, one of the craziest shows I had ever been to. Die Antwoord is a zef rap-rave crew from Cape Town, South Africa, and they sure know how to impress a crowd. The scene was great (no usual affliction, and hoards of sweaty dudes dancing together), and I didn't see one person not dancing, or in the least, having a stupid grin on their face. You could just tell everybody was enjoying themselves as much as the person beside them. Very memorable.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Early Morning Lights

In each regard, whether it be from a night out until the sun rises, or waking up before the break of dawn and seeing those early morning lights, there's no mistaking it's beauty. Since the weather hasn't been seeming to let down as of yet, it's so nice to take it in, for those of you worker's, at least there is a decent view out the window. Summer has finally proven that it is here, and thank goodness to that. Vancouver has just gotten that much more beautiful, the weather, the scantily-clad individuals.... Mwah. How good could the city get. Fine artists, for fine ears, to celebrate the fine days to come.

Appréciez la musique.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blueprint Present YoungBlood Sundays with AC Slater and The Expendable Youth

Aaron Clevenger or AC Slater, of Brooklyn, New York is bring the bass. You better be bringing the party to match. He has been pumping the international scene with some huge hits such as "BassLineTime", "Hello" and "Take You" not to mention a whole barrage of sub-sonic mind melting remixes. Make sure to take in his first EP "Jack Got Jacked" out on Palms Out Sound and also be looking out for his next release from a home town label "Trouble & Bass"

The floor will shake tonight, and your ears will ring tomorrow.

Bassline Time - AC Slater by jade.j

Autoerotique - Gladiator (AC Slater Remix) by Autoerotique

Sunday, July 4, 2010

So Far, Yet Right Beside Me.

There are always times when the going gets tough. An uncalled outburst, to being miles, upon miles apart. With this being the case in some instances, it is truly amazing what that little connection can do. I think it is always so adorable to look back to your younger years, getting introduced to so many new emotions, strutting about with no care in the world. Everyone had cooties, and the endless amount of exercise that would come from chasing, and running away from your secret indulgences. Meanwhile, you slowly age, and yet, somehow nothing has changed. Becoming an adult, it proves to be that you are more of a child than what you initially had been in your lifetime. Butterflies, nervousness, all that good stuff. Being fortunate enough to have someone special like that in your life, and beside you with every step, and decision you make, is THE most motivating feeling to have. My mind is set on you while you are away, and only await your return my sweet Nanya.