Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This is something new to me, but is some of the most innovative, and best sounding music I've heard in 2011. The dubstep/hip-hop genre integrates the flowing beats of a Jay-Z song, mixed with some extremely well produced dub that works way to well to be legal.

All their songs are available for download (all @320kbps) on their soundcloud account, so check out their other stuff, you won't be disappointed.

This song has one of the best drops I've ever head. Ever. Well worth the build up.

Better Than I've Ever Been 320 kbps by GRiZ

Great hip hop remix with a small side up dub.

Aerosmith - Dream On (GRiZ REmix) by GRiZ

A more Jazzy hip hop song with that unique touch and great drop. Enjoy.

Rock N Roll (320 kbps) by GRiZ

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