Saturday, August 13, 2011

Knife Party

Too much awesome in this 23 minute mix for me ever start to explain.

Knife Party, or, who we used to know as Pendulum, has created a new sound for themselves, as well as a new name. It sounds nothing like their past stuff, but they have been keeping busy

But a little about it first. These guys might be from Italy, but this recording was done in Ibiza and aired on BBC 1 Radio (Live).

Their debut EP is coming out this summer, and although we haven't had much of one, this will be sure to put a warm feeling or two in that brain of yours.

What's in it? Electohouse (including an Original) , Moombahton (one of the tracks featuring Skrillex which blew my mind), and some intoxicating Dubstep that won't leave my head.

Knife Party - Unreleased Mix ! by ElectroItalia