Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bonafide Saturday at Shine with Dj U-Turn, Sam Demoe, Blondtron, and HUNTER-EVEN.

Saturday the 27th of March come down and check out Shine Night club at 364 Water Street. Dj U-turn Sam Demoe and BlondTron from Jumpstreet Radio from 101.9 citr will be playing all night long along with Your Truely HUNTER-EVEN Let me know if you are looking for a guest list for the evening and well see what I can do for you but the first two to leave a comment will take two VIP spots for the evening. Take a peek at the new mix.

Hunter-Even Live Mix  by  Hunter-Even RainCity

See you there!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Toratatsu on Denman just North of Robson.

After being force into an after work dinner and drink with a co-worker, I'm usually of the frame of mind to eat at home during the week. Not go out for dinner except for occasions and not to buy lunch while at work cause frankly im there to make money not spend it. However I will never look at raw the same way again. "Sukiyaki" change it all for me, not to mention the towering ice cold bamboo pitchers on sake. ( They always help the digestion )

Sukiyaki was described to me as a japanese hot pot. Everything served raw in broth on a portable gas burner it is all set to cook right in front of your nose. Delicious! Get all the good stuff going noodles pork tofu mushrooms veggies etc. and then dip it all in a raw whisked egg right before you eat it. Its definitely a barrier for some, much like my dim sum favorite Chicken's Feet. You just have try it once and not let your mental game get all fouled up. This was the be all end all dish.

There was some great salmon and tuna sashimi, kim chi, karage chinken, and sea urchin sashimi which i can only describe at fish snot, even heavy soy couldn't fix that one for me, but all in all a great mean. but I learn to things out at this meal. 1. Raw Eggs can be safe and great. 2. I will only ever eat Sea Urchin sashimi on a dare after that day.

Dig in!

Friday, March 12, 2010

BluePrint StereoType Fridays: AC slater and Jack Beats Tonight a Celebrities.

Come down to Celebs tonight and check out AC Slater and Jack Beats MooMBah Dub and electro. Definately a good place to come party down. I have a couple guest list spots for tonight so give me a buzz if you are looking to come check it out. Disco Melon has been all over the Jack Beats Remix of Jack Got Jacked and its on mixing the other. Hope you like the preview kiddies.

PS thanks you employer for letting me slack out and post songs I can't listen to before they go up on the blog because I'm speakerless.
See you there.

Jack Beats - Get Down

AC Slater - Hello

AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked ( Jack Beats Remix )

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fake Blood and Boy 8 Bit!

Tomorrow Night At ChinaTown's FORTUNE SOUND CLUB. You won't want to miss this one. Everything is all sold out and full-up. there will be 50 tickets release at the doors so be there early if you absolutely need to get in. Or Get a Hold of DISCO MELON word is she still has 9 unclaimed ticekts....

Boy 8 Bit - The Suspense is killing me

Fake Blood - Dozen

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This Too Shall Pass: the Rube Golberg Machine version... Useless!

I've had a growing obsession with a little blog that I've found call the Hipster Collective. Some of the stuff o there is great and this video by "OK GO" is definitely reblog material. It was not quite fit the Blogs minifesto..
"You've never heard of me, I've never heard of you, and we like stuff that nobody's ever heard of. Hipster Collective: More Hip Than You."
But Hey, another very creative video from the boy of "OK GO"

And This Is another Funny Bit From the Hipster Collective just because it funny and it a good demonstration of the sence of human manifests itself on the pages of this site.