Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Renaissance Man

The Finnish duo of Jaxxon and Downtown, make up Renaissance Man. The genius behind their music, had begun with nothing more than their similarity towards the love of perfecting music. Their successful journey had all started in an architecture office, in which they met, and ultimately made a vow to one another. Their interests endlessly fed off of eachother, and they were able to actually build the type of house they wanted.

"We are Renaissance Man, we craft house music without boundaries."

They had opened their first night club in Helsinki, NOW!, where they had initially begun to treat the people to the sounds of their musical talents. In early 2009 they had released Spraycan on Switch's Dubsided. Not only do they produce much of their own music, after launching their title track What Is Guru, it made Renaissance Man one of the most sought-after remixers, spoken from brilliant artists such as Brodinski, and Crystal Fighters, and gaining support from no others but Diplo, Annie Mac, Tiga, and a vast expanse of names around the globe.

Their snowball effect on the music world has allowed them to play amongst four continents in major clubs, and play at numerous festivals where they have had many great reviews. And they aren't stopping there! Earlier this year they released their Babbadabba EP, and have continued to take their inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci, and 3000 years of art and science, to prove that they are able to think out of the box.

Renaissance Man - Babbadabba EP from Renaissance Man on Vimeo.

Spray can - Renaissance man (Edd Van Bergs ghetto remix) by DjEddVanBerg

Renaissance Man - What is Guru (dOP Remix) by ScionAV

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