Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Name is Skrillex

Sonny Moore is an American musician who has been in various bands and had a solo career under the same name, but is most known for his time as the lead singer of the "emo" band From First To Last. Throughout the early 2000's, Moore has been producing electronic music under his name, even making Alternative Press' 100 To Watch. As of late 2009, Sonny Moore started DJ-ing in Los Angeles clubs under a different alias, 'Skrillex' which was taken from an AIM username Moore used as a teenager. Skrillex gained a lot of attention in the LA club scene by playing lively, energetic shows normally not seen with electronic music DJ's. He also released remixes of metal-core band Bring Me the Horizon, indie rockers Twin Horizon and Lady Gaga.

With his style of music ranging from dubstep to electro to house to even metal and his live shows, his music gained the attention of a certain Mau5 who exclusively played his tracks until eventually signing him to his label 'Mau5trap'. And because of Deadmau5's support, Skrillex quickly became a house hold name in the electronic dance music scene.

Skrillex has released one EP My Name Is Skrillex which was available as a free download on his website and will be release a full length entitled Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on Mau5trap in late 2010.

Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Sprites by theswami

Skrillex is currently on tour with Deadmau5 all across America. But you're in luck! On the 29th of October, Skrillex will be playing a sold out show with Dubstep duo Nero, right here in Rain City at Celebrities Nightclub.

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