Monday, October 4, 2010


Chauffeur rockin' last week in Calgary

Wednesday night I witnessed Chauffeur absolutely kill everything on the dance floor. By the time Felix Cartal came onto the stage, the crowd was already going insane, but like he always does, Felix blew us away, ("Felix is going to have to hold his own tonight" said Chauffeur in the interview). After Felix played Chauffeur came back on to rap things up -but not really, as he proceeded to rock Habitat until nothing was left standing.

A few days before the show I was fortunate enough to meet this gem on short notice and got a peek at a bunch of demos that he's been producing over the past few months. As well as rocking out in his truck after work, he explained as to how he is becoming a star in the city of Calgary.

Chauffeur grew up in Highriver, a small suburban south of Calgary, playing once or twice a month in a small bar that was consistently packed with his close friends and supporters, having a great time by doing their own thing with music and loving it thoroughly. His set captured the people who are now his followers and seeing it in action Wednesday night, everyone, who all knew each other, were going nuts again for their family friend, Chauffeur.

Working the day job, and being extremely successful, he works harder in the evenings and weekends, (like our cellphone companies do.... pfff) spending time creating new sounds and experimenting to achieve that eye-opening, ear-orgasm that is truly unique to his fans.

Me: So from start to finish, what went into producing your very first EP, "Streets?"

Chauffeur: There was a serious learning curve, but just about everything went into it. (Pulls out his Iphone) It all starts here, I record ideas that just come sporadically to my mind, I'll take it to the lab and crank it out, and then leave it alone for a couple of months. When I come back to I decide if it still is worth doin' up.

Me: So whats going on in the next few months?

Chauffeur: Everything! Lots of producing, Top Billin' is eager to see more and are pushing to get another mix or two out, as well as another EP

Me: Do you enjoy mixing at the clubs, or would you rather be releasing tracks for the public to hear?

Chauffeur: Both. Its great to release some new tracks, and DJing is too much fun. Being creative and

Me: Do you find Calgary's interest in the scene growing into a Chauffeur-friendly place?

Chauffuer: I really do, I think its blown up in the last 6 months here and its only going to get busier as more shows are played and more people can see what it is that is actually going on.

Me: Do you have some sick-crazy pre-game routine before a show?

Chauffeur: Yes, I drink Vodka, sometimes with lime.
Chauffer KILLIN' it with Felix Cartal

End of the day, Chauffeur has a bag of potential being opened up within the next few months, so be sure to come by RainCity and then to check out some exclusive releases by my new favorite, Chauffeur.

Lastly, be sure to check out his Pre Party Jamz Mix!

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