Monday, September 27, 2010


Photo: Chloe Popadopoulos

Sean Terra or better know as S-T3RRA has been producing electro including some mind melting remixes over the last few years and is really starting to be recognized outside of SanFran Bay area. In the near future he is looking to visit our fair city of Vancouver and just for the reason I figured I track him down to see what he is all about.
Here is some of his recent material and down below get to know the man behind the music. Sean Terra.

S-T3RRA - Mandrake (Preview) by S-T3RRA

She - Coloris (S-T3RRA Remix) by S-T3RRA

I hear you have a really involved live set including a few lives synth and ableton set up and one of my favorite pieces of hardware the electribe. How did you get into doing a live set? Was it all about production at first or has that been a focus of yours for a while now?

Well originally I had been doing live music from a young age, when I started DJing it was only natural to incorporate a live element into an electronic set. My live set up is: Ableton Live, Korg R3 Synth, a drummer and a Korg nano kontrol for midi. Pretty basic right now but as time goes on I would like to add more if it fits.

The whole thing has never been about one specific thing for me, having a great performance is just as important to me than producing good music.

So how would you compare you live set to your produced material? Do you treat it as its own entity or a recreation of what you have done in the studio? With the two different formats there must be a significant difference especially with the addition of a live drummer.

Well the whole way the thing flows is similar to my DJ set for sure. But pretty much I am still doing alot of live sequences and remixes. I would say that the live set is a decent representation of what I do in the studio since it is comprised of all my tracks, released and unreleased.

The live drummer just sweetens the whole deal, he is only 17 and goes to the same high school I graduated from. But dear lord does he know how to rock a drum kit better than most adults I know. Collaborating on a set like this has really been a fun musical adventure. I also include some vocals and alot of live synth playing done by yours truly

I like how you say you are doing live remixes an unreleased material. Seems like you are giving your audience just that little bit extra. What have been some of the most excited events you been involved with? Are there any names out there that you would like the play along side again?

Well I sure hope they get their money's worth, or atleast get one of my used sweat rags as a souvenier. One of thirst decently large shows I was a part of was in December of 2009 with Designer Drugs and Toxic Avenger. Leading up to the event it seemed like alot of people were curious as to who I was and why a kid barely out of high school got to play. The night turned out great for me.

Hmm I love them all equally. Gotta love my homie Toxic Avenger, he is always a thrill to hang out and to play with.

Its really been nice talking with you Sean and we'll have to continue over some tequila when you finally make it up to Vancouver. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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