Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm guessing Chauffeur is pretty under the radar still. He has two great remixes that I've found. Its really too bad that I can't find anything about the face or faces behind this name. All the blogs I've looked through over the last week haven't said much at all. It seems like there isnt much to find.

"Born in a club and raised by a pack of wild prostitutes, Chauffeur avoids the light of day. He prefers to live when the stars come out. At night the city is alive and you can feel her pulse. It is the solid thumping kick momentarily drowning all of your senses, the pummeling synths that will turn you savage, the melody and sounds that release your soul. Celebrate good times c’mon!"

Both Robot Dance Music and Stoney Roads have this write up. So who did write it and who is Chauffeur? This may take some time but I'm in. Its not fair to just lead people on like that.

Seem like he/she or they are from Calgary, Canada and have put on an EP on Top Billin Music. We just so happen to have a new addition to the RainCity staff out that way. Therefore Reagan's soul purpose is to get an interview with Chaffeur and figure out exactly what going on behind the name Chauffeur. In the mean time here are the two remixes that have everyone in the bloggersphere scratching their heads. Plus one original.
Be careful don't get flattened.

Chauffeur - Let's Go

Drop the Lime - Sex Sax (Chauffeur Remix)

Ninetynine - L'Argent (Chauffeur Remix)

If you still haven't gotten you fix. Check out the Chauffeur SoundCloud

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