Saturday, August 14, 2010


Over the last year Brett Sorrentino and RJ Buchanan who are more commonly known as Valerna have been slowly building a fan base in their home town L.A. As of late this electro duo has been working a number of new remixes and original tracks that released on July 21st. They have played with some of the worlds leading electro acts such as Harvard Bass (DubSided), Wolfgang Gartner (DIMMAK), and DATA. Here are a few of their newest track but be sure to look out for their other releases from Plasmapool including "Look Ma! No Pants" and "Teenage Mutant Techno". I'm not sure how to describe exactly what is going on here. Lets just let the noise speak for its self.

Clockwork - Airflow (Valerna Remix) by Valerna

Pance Party - Maru (Valerna Remix) by Valerna

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