Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hello RainCity, I've had the pleasure to work with the one and only, Hunter-Even. After spending countless hours with him in a bush hundreds of miles away from a McDonalds, we realized I should get involved with the site. Being based out of Calgary, I'll be posting reviews from the area. Enough chit chat, and on with some tunes!

Clockwork or Henry Steinway is one man based from LA and who's produced a good number of remixes that are widely spread out in genre. With a few mash ups including one with The Office theme song, and an arsenal of Dutch House mixes, Clockwork has made it to the top of my scouting list and I look forward to his new releases from Kinetika Records.

Steppin' Up (Clockwork 'HARD LA' Remix)- M.I.A. by ClockworkMusic

Bang Your Head (Clockwork Remix)- Sick Boy by ClockworkMusic

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