Friday, December 3, 2010

Glass Actor

Greg Bowler is a profound artist. Taking 50% of the talent that he holds with the Acid Girls, has allowed him to create some of the most innovative sounds. Using electro breaks, and mellow synths, he has orchestrated something of his own. His decision to follow in this direction, had mainly come about with his curiosity of different music components. These of which, he would not be able to investigate with the Acid Girls. His two projects, have completely different feels; Greg and Jamie had described the music of the Acid Girls as "weird electronic music," as opposed to a worldly percussion feel, with a little bit of futuristic R&B flavour that Glass Actors provides. He is yours to enjoy, and boy, is he ever good.

Distraction by Glass Actor

Komodo by Glass Actor

Don't You by Glass Actor

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