Sunday, July 4, 2010

So Far, Yet Right Beside Me.

There are always times when the going gets tough. An uncalled outburst, to being miles, upon miles apart. With this being the case in some instances, it is truly amazing what that little connection can do. I think it is always so adorable to look back to your younger years, getting introduced to so many new emotions, strutting about with no care in the world. Everyone had cooties, and the endless amount of exercise that would come from chasing, and running away from your secret indulgences. Meanwhile, you slowly age, and yet, somehow nothing has changed. Becoming an adult, it proves to be that you are more of a child than what you initially had been in your lifetime. Butterflies, nervousness, all that good stuff. Being fortunate enough to have someone special like that in your life, and beside you with every step, and decision you make, is THE most motivating feeling to have. My mind is set on you while you are away, and only await your return my sweet Nanya.

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