Sunday, June 6, 2010


Having a late return from Sasquatch last weekend, and strenuously moving into a new home, I've really felt the need for embracing each, and every relaxing moment that I am able to conjure. Whether it be a movie, sitting on my cat-torn leather sofa, or everybody's favourite... listening to some great music.

From Barcelona, Delorean has stolen my emotions this week. Their fruitful wave of glo-fi / hypnagonic pop has a means of attacking your heart, and leaving you satisfyingly limp. There is no doubt that their tunes are perfectly summery, and can create a great soundtrack for the beach. As a clear depiction, I think this is where every listener feels at home for those few minutes.

"Seasun" is fierce. It builds slowly and explodes in all the right places. Despite generally being a verse-chorus electro pop band, they don't necessarily follow-up with vocals all that much. In comparison, I suppose their sound could be associated with Cut-Copy, and can definitely be amended for their smooth remixing, as oppose to heavy bass, and that shitty trancy tiesto bs.

Take a listen to some of Delorean's geniously put together originals, and remixes. Their visit to the Biltmore in Vancouver on June 7, has my senses on their tip-toes, and I am declared ready to partake in an enjoyable evening.
Enjoy pals.

Delorean - Real Love (Tiedye Remix)

Delorean - Warmer Places

Delorean - Deli

Delorean - Stay Close (Banana Clipz Remix)

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