Monday, March 22, 2010

Toratatsu on Denman just North of Robson.

After being force into an after work dinner and drink with a co-worker, I'm usually of the frame of mind to eat at home during the week. Not go out for dinner except for occasions and not to buy lunch while at work cause frankly im there to make money not spend it. However I will never look at raw the same way again. "Sukiyaki" change it all for me, not to mention the towering ice cold bamboo pitchers on sake. ( They always help the digestion )

Sukiyaki was described to me as a japanese hot pot. Everything served raw in broth on a portable gas burner it is all set to cook right in front of your nose. Delicious! Get all the good stuff going noodles pork tofu mushrooms veggies etc. and then dip it all in a raw whisked egg right before you eat it. Its definitely a barrier for some, much like my dim sum favorite Chicken's Feet. You just have try it once and not let your mental game get all fouled up. This was the be all end all dish.

There was some great salmon and tuna sashimi, kim chi, karage chinken, and sea urchin sashimi which i can only describe at fish snot, even heavy soy couldn't fix that one for me, but all in all a great mean. but I learn to things out at this meal. 1. Raw Eggs can be safe and great. 2. I will only ever eat Sea Urchin sashimi on a dare after that day.

Dig in!

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