Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Acid Girls Remix

The LA based electro duo The Acid Girls aka. Jamie and Greg.
I met these two while on a trip to visit my long lost older brother in Berlin while he was off galavanting around parts of Europe and rumors of North Africa. Since then the AcidGirls have been Working on a whole line up of new tracks and long playing mixes while still traveling to and from Europe to play at Clubs Berlin, Paris, Milan and and other European centers, not to mention shows at home in LA and other North American Cities, as well as one south of the boarder(Mexico).
I'm not certain if they have ever visited Vancouver or Canada, but the places they do visit are centers where Art and Free Expression are encouraged, but are more importantly supported by an alive and understanding avenue for artists to expose their work to the public.
I wonder, sounds a lot like what I have been experiencing in Vancouver lately. The number of electro acts visiting and not to mention the explosion of local DJs in the Vancouver Area is astounding. And the Music in clubs Sounding more and more like the 80 gigs of tunes they left me with after their stay in Berlin. So Check out the Acid Girls they don't disappoint.

All photos were taken by Nicholas Randolph Odd Cheveldave one sunny afternoon in an abandon WWII hospital in East Berlin.

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